50 The Prodigal Sergeant

39m | Dec 25, 2023

It's the 50th episode celebration!!! Sgt. Tim returns tonight to discuss:

-Formalized control versus philosophical anarchy (social pressures and mob rule)

-Containment of a deception versus the peace and freedom that truth brings

-How to get free chicken salad croissant sandwiches

-JRR Tolkien's concept of taking a terrible aberration and weaving it back into the story, and how we can do the same with the tragedies in our lives

-What Princess Leia said about squeezing too hard, and what happens to the jar of salsa when we try and carry too many grocery bags

We then find an article from 1978 written by Bishop Hogan that talks about the opposite of all that: Simplicity and love. He said:

-We live in a world that's far from simple, and highly technological (ha! if he only knew where we are now)

-We have lost touch with the earth, with not taking ourselves too seriously, with accepting all kinds of people for who they are.

-We are so bent on having everything our way, we tighten up like a knotted ball of yarn, and we become isolated from each other (ha, 2020)

-Overcomplicating everything out of fear versus realizing everything works together for our benefit.

No shortage of deep topics and "whoaa" realizations tonight on the CEP. Hope you love it and share it with your friends!

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