• Yes!Trees and No Trade! Featuring Lance Gardner

    Recorded on May 24th the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture podcast welcomes guest Lance Gardner, former collegiate basketball player Owner of Yes!Trees tree trimming and removal service. Lance joins Coach Frank to discuss what makes a good coach and how coach and business ownership has parallels. Then the discussions turns to all the “trade KAT” chatter and why the Wolves should gamble on keeping KAT and dealing with the finances later. Next Coach and Lance discuss the similarities between the Denver Nuggets and the Wolves (yes there are quite a few). The podcast ends with predictions on a Denver Vs Miami OR Denver vs Boston (the Celtics were not counted out in our show) Finals. Tune in for Wolves talk and coaching culture from a Coach’s point of view.

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    1h 9m | May 26, 2023
  • Trust (?) Fall!

    Recorded Monday May 8th, before the closing of the NBA playoffs Eastern and Western conference series, Coach Frank officially introduces the new moniker of the show formerly known as "The Coach & the Crooner". In this episode of the show now titles The Coach & The Culture" Coach Frank discusses the Wolves series ending game 5 loss to Denver. Then producer Lloyd and Coach Frank talk about the keys to winning basketball at any level and the importance of "trust" and how difficult that was for the Wolves given all the changing dynamics. The show ends with producer Lloyd and Coach Frank discussing the remaining series as of the record date and what all the remaining teams have that the Wolves lack- but hopefully are building.

    Enjoy The Coach and the Culture and please leave us feedback on twitter or fsentwali@gmail.com.

    1h 7m | May 15, 2023
  • One and Done?

    After winning a game in the series, has the Timberwolves found a formula to make this playoff round interesting? Or Nah?

    COACH: @fsentwali Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    1h 18m | Apr 27, 2023
  • Lift Off!!

    In the latest episode the Coach and the Crooner talk Anthony Edwards, coming off his big night against Houston, as well as, the significance of Finch going to Ant over DLo for the last possession of the Utah game. The Crooner asks about the back up 5’s and how the combination of Naz, Knight, and Garza give a little of KAT and a little (less) of Rudy. The show closes with the return of the “Concerning trends” and “Hope it never ends” segment as well as a brief dialogue about opportunity knocking for the Injury riddled Wolves in the messy, muddled Western Conference. Check out all the great Wolves talk with Coach Frank Sentwali and the charismatic crooner Julius Collins. -- 

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    1h 0m | Jan 24, 2023
  • Ascension Of "Slow Mo"

    The Coach (Frank Sentwali) and The Crooner (Julius Collins) discuss the increased role of Kyle "Slo Mo" Anderson. The two host also debate which point guard should have the ball in clutch moments.

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    1h 10m | Jan 11, 2023
  • Episode 5: Big Bro vs. Lil Bro

    In Episode 5 of The Coach & The Crooner Podcast the duo sit down after Friday’s loss to the Celtics and discuss “the little things” that are plaguing the home squad. From rebounding to game plan discipline to overall inconsistency, could it be we as a fan base underestimated the reality of how young some key Wolves players are? Maybe Big Brother Beverly and his culture setting ways carried more weight than we realized? Can Finch find answers this season whether a love is made or not? Check out episode 5 for these discussion topics and more from The Coach & The Crooner.

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    1h 3m | Dec 29, 2022
  • Episode 4: No Bounds

    The Coach and the Crooner Podcast returns! In Episode 4 the Crooner asks, “What’s the deal with the Timberwolves rebounding problems”? Then we discuss the polarizing player that is D’Angelo Russell. Is he the style of point guard the Wolves need? The Crooner wants different and the coach says “different” better mean “better”. Lastly, the Coach is the one with the optimism for the season? Tune in to The Coach and the Crooner podcast to find out why and hear the rest of the banter about Timberwolves basketball.

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    51m | Dec 13, 2022
  • Episode 3: Energy Language

    The 2022-2023 Minnesota Timberwolves season has begun and the Coach (Frank Sentwali) and the crooner (Julius Collins) break down the first 6 games as only they can. The hometown hoopers are 4-2 and The Coach & The Crooner Podcast team have plenty to assess. They focus in on the three primary phases of the game- offense, defense, and rebounding- as they discuss what’s been good, bad, and down right ugly so far this season. They conclude the podcast by debuting a new segment titled: “Concerning Trends” and “Hope it Never Ends”. Tune in to episode 3 of The Coach & The Crooner podcast. Then, sends us a message or leave us a tweet letting us know your thoughts. -- 

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    1h 27m | Nov 1, 2022
  • Episode 2: Showtime!

    MN Timberwolves regular season basketball is here! The bench mob is DEEP! DLo’s the key to the whole thing? KAT is gonna show everyone exactly how dominant he is on offense! Can Ant be efficient AND engaged? What happens if the starters don’t start? OKC’s not gonna tank! Coach Frank and Julius, the crooner, discuss these topics and more during episode 2. -- 

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    1h 0m | Oct 19, 2022
  • Episode 1: New Era

    The Coach (Frank Sentwali) & The Crooner (Julius “Juice” Collins) debut podcast features

    discussion about their excitement for Wolves basketball, off-season acquisitions and their

    impact on the culture and on-court play of the 2022-2023 T-Wolves squad, and the dual

    defense dilemma of “drop” and “High Wall”. The episode concludes with some thoughts about

    the first two preseason games from a coach’s perspective as well as some lesser talked about

    predictions and things to watch for as the upcoming season plays out.

    The Coach and The Crooner podcast will feature 3 shows a month discussing primarily the

    Minnesota Timberwolves but also other happenings in the Minnesota Basketball and arts

    community. Upcoming shows will feature guests from the Twin Cities sports writing

    community, local performing artists who are also basketball enthusiast, MN High School

    Basketball coaches, and guests affiliated with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx.

    Listen to The Coach & The Crooner Podcast on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcast and all your

    favorite podcast streaming platforms.

    Follow us at: Twitter: “Coach & Crooner” @CoachCrooner – Instagram: “The Coach & The

    Crooner” @coachcroonermpls –

    Facebook: “The Coach & The Crooner” @coachcroonermpls

    We hope you will make us a regular part of your podcast listening enjoyment and what hopes

    to be a magical ride through the 2022-2023 MN Timberwolves season!

    COACH: @fsentwali & CROONER: @juicevox @ juicevox0007 (IG)

    Tech Producer: @lloydleonvision

    59m | Oct 10, 2022
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