• The Nugs are cashed! On to the Mavs for the Western supremacy!

    Coach Frank and Lance do their first ever post game podcast as the Minnesota Timberwolves did what Coach Frank (and Perk) predicted they could do- win game 7 in Denver. Listen to The Coach & The Culture podcast duo recap the game, reiterate their stance on Jaden McDaniels, talk about the Wolves’ second hall defense, and how staying true to their “winning style” got them back in the game and ultimately prevailed. The duo closes the episode with their thoughts on the upcoming matchup with the Mavericks. Listen to why Coach Frank says Wolves in 6 and Lance says Wolves in 5. Both, however, agree that if this version of Jaden McDaniels shows up, Dallas doesn’t have a chance. Check out the latest episode in Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes and share your feedback with us @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on IG The Coach & The Culture on FB

    59m - May 20, 2024
  • A defensive performance for the ages (but it ain't over)

    In this latest installment of The Coach & The Culture podcast, Coach Frank and Lance discuss the Wolves suffocating defense so far in the Nuggets series so far. They talk about how the Wolves have pressured the execution out of Denver and, perhaps even more important, are controlling the psyche of the defending champs. 

    Coach Frank talks about how a MN championship playing this style could create a shift in basketball style and philosophy, from youth to pro, not seen since the Steph, Klay, KD Warriors. 

    Coach Frank explains how Denver may have tipped their hand in game 2, giving Coach Finch an advantage in the game 3 chess match. Lance explains why he thinks it doesn't matter what Denver tries. 

    Check out the latest Coach & The Culture podcast on all your favorite streaming platforms. 

    57m - May 8, 2024
  • Howl at the Suns and Smoke some Nugs

    Coach Frank and Lance are back with their first podcast recording in over a month. Coach Frank has been busy hosting the hottest Thursday night open MIC jam in the Twin Cities and Lance has been busy welcoming his first child in the world. The Wolves? Well, they were busy burning out the Phoenix Suns and their offensive stars and now they prepare to dig in on the defending champion Denver Nuggets. 

    Listen in as Coach Frank and Lance discuss how the Wolves defense and playing style could be seen coming from as early as last April and what that style did so effectively against Phoenix. Jaden finally put up that 15-5 (okay 14-5) the duo has been pining for all year. Ant and KAT committed to ball movement and Rudy can guard guards. NAW can guard EVERYBODY.

    Frank and Lance close the show discussing how all the above stacks up against the champs and they boldly make predictions on the series. 

    Send us your thoughts!

    1h 28m - May 1, 2024
  • Who Will Stand Atop of the West?

    Who will stand atop the west? Frank and Lance are back from their two week hiatus, and boy do they ever have a lot to talk about! Kat's injury, Rudy's bumps and bruises, and the ins and outs of other role players. Through all the unfortunate injuries, the Timberwolves are still finding ways to win games. Due in big part to Anthony Edwards dominance and growth as a decision maker. They also discuss the surge of Naz Reid's performances since receiving KAT's minutes and NAW being a key contributor toward the team's continued success. Listen in as they break down the Wolves' adaption to their latest challenges! Listen on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Check out our X: @coachculture22 Instagram: @coachculturempls

    1h 13m - Mar 18, 2024
  • Still #1

    Recorded 2/25/2024: Still in first place! Listen in as Frank and Lance congratulate Mike Conley on a well deserved extension. The two also break down the continued questions on Anthony Edwards maturity level as the Wolves leader failed to have a sense of urgency in one of their bigger games of the year against the Bucks. Following that discussion they express their pleasure with the kids at the end of the Brooklyn game and hopes that it's a sign of things to come.

    1h 2m - Feb 27, 2024
  • Rodney Dangerwolves: No Respect

    Recorded Monday, February 19 the latest episode of “The Coach and The Culture” MN Timberwolves talk podcast find Coach Frank and Lance discussing the All-Star weekend. The duo talk at length about Karl-Anthony Towns performance, the Anthony Edwards not so performance, and the All-Star weekend in general. Included in the conversation is Coach Frank, talking about the possibility of signs that Anthony Edwards is getting a little irritated with the lack of respect toward the Timberwolves, and the overall lack of respect for Towns’s 50 point per performance. After All-Star talk, Coach Frank and Lance discuss the four game winning streak for the Minnesota Timberwolves going into the All-Star break and what were some things that were positives about that winning streak- including contributions by Jaden McDaniels, Naz Reid, and Monte Morris. The episode winds down with a look ahead at the last 29 games of the regular season and the importance of coming out hot during a 7 game homestand before a 6 game road trip. Please check out “The coach and The Culture” podcast on all of your podcast, listening platforms and give us feedback at: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Instagram The Coach & The Culture on FB and YouTube Your feedback and advice would be much appreciated.

    1h 19m - Feb 20, 2024
  • Wolves Yo-Yo towards the break

    Recorded Sunday February 11th, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture Timberwolves centric podcast finds Coach Frank and Lance Gardner recapping the tilts against the Rockets, Bulls, and Bucks. The conversation is centered around the contrasts between when the Wolves play well, like they did against the Rockets and Bucks and, when they lose intensity and focus like they did in the second half against the Bulls. The conversation shifts to a Chris Finch and his ability to manage teams throughout his Timberwolves coaching tenure. They always seem to yo-yo back up after a tough loss or tough stretch. The show the rehashes last episode’s conversation about play-calling and how Coach Finch is doing much more of it but it’s still on the players to execute. The episode concludes with the return of our “Concerning Trends & Hope it Never Ends” segment, as well as a look-ahead at the rest of the road trip and the 7 game home stand followed by a 6 game road trip coming out of the All-Star break. Please like, follow and subscribe to The Coach & The Culture podcast on Apple, Spotify, Audible, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher and more. Please give us feedback at: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Instagram @The Coach & The Culture on FB and YouTube

    1h 13m - Feb 13, 2024
  • Uh oh. Dad seems mad. (It’s the kids)

    Recorded on February 4th 2024, the latest episode of “The Coach & The Culture” Timberwolves centric podcast, Coach Frank and Lance give their take on the week that was and yet another 4th quarter stall for the Timberwolves offense. A week that began with a gutsy win over the Thunder in Oklahoma City ended with a disappointing late game collapse at home against the Orlando Magic. Coach Frank and Lance talk about the determine factors in the two games being the excellent play of Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels in the 4th at OKC and the glaring mistakes the duo made in the loss against Orlando. The bottom line is the Timberwolves late game success hinges on the maturity and decision making of the kids. Coach Frank breaks down some of the late game decisions by Ant and Jaden on both ends of the floor. He then shares some Chris Finch comments, via Dane Moore, that suggest the coach is fed up with the ball hogging and defensive lapses and, now that the mid season awards have been handed out, the coach may be making some changes. Lance points out how the “continuity” period that may have allowed the Wolves to get off to such a great start is over and the Wolves had better adjust. The West is tightening up in a hurry. All this and more on the latest episode of “The Coach & The Culture” podcast. Please send questions and comments to: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Instagram The Coach & The Culture on FB and YouTube

    1h 22m - Feb 7, 2024
  • There’s Water in the Glass (or Timberwolves souvenir cup)

    Title: There’s Water in the Glass (or Timberwolves souvenir cup) Recorded Sunday January 28th, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture podcast welcomes back Lance as he and Coach Frank break down the 4 game week that was. A home loss to the lowly Charlotte Hornets, followed by uninspiring wins over the hapless Washington Wizards and the Brooklyn Nets preceded another fourth-quarter meltdown in a road loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Coach Frank and Lance both offer up rare criticism of Coach Finch and his absence of fire or 4th quarter management. The duo also has a lengthy discussion about the connection between the team’s fourth-quarter struggles and the “winning time” learning curve for Anthony Edwards. The podcast concludes with thoughts about the week ahead starting with a “get right or get worried” road tilt with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Please give us a listen and send your thoughts to: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on instagram The Coach & The Culture on FB The Coach & The Culture podcast Available on: Apple, Spotify. Audible, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes and more

    S15E2 - 1h 19m - Jan 29, 2024
  • Decisions, Details, & Defense of Finch (with receipts!)

    Recorded Sunday January 21 the latest episode of “The Coach & The Culture” podcast featured Coach Frank breaking down the 3–1 Timberwolves week that was. Coach Frank explains why he feels the near meltdown against the Clippers and the lackluster back to back wins against Detroit and Memphis served as foreshadowing of the Oklahoma City loss. Coach Frank gives an honest assessment on Ant vs Shai and Devin Booker in the Western Conference battle for young guard supremacy. Coach Frank then goes on a strong defense of Coach Finch. He talks about the players role in their struggles and why Coach Finch is actually putting them in position to succeed night in and night out. But the players are creating their own demise with turnovers and lack of urgency. The episode concludes with a preview of the week to come and a mention of the biggest “concerning trend”: Turnovers! Please give us a listen and offer your feedback at: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Insta The Coach & The Culture on Facebook

    S2E15 - 1h 17m - Jan 22, 2024
  • Survive and Advance!

    Recorded Sunday January 14th, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture Timberwolves focused podcast finds Coach Frank and Lance discussing the end of the “rugged 16”. The stretch where the Timberwolves played 16 straight against above .500 teams- 11 on the road. The duo discusses the bittersweet 9-7 record during those games, the ones that got away, and the challenges of closing games against some of the league’s best players. The episode ends with a preview of the Wolves first look at the new look LA Clippers and of course our “Concerning Trends and Hope it Never Ends” segment. Give The Coach & The Culture podcast a listen on Apple, Spotify, ITunes, Stitcher, Audible and more. Check out the video of today’s episode recorded live from The Dream Shop in MPLS on YouTube. The Coach & The Culture podcast “We know (Timberwolves) ball!”

    S2E14 - 57m - Jan 16, 2024
  • It’s Jaden! (For Better and for Worse)

    Title: It’s Jaden! (For Better and for Worse) Also, Happy New Year! Recorded Jan 8 2024, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture is the first of the new year and Coach Frank and Lance recap the last couple weeks. When we left our listening audience on Dec 26th the Jaden McDaniel vibe was high and the Wolves were rolling through their 16 game stretch vs above .500 teams. In this latest episode Coach Frank and Lance discuss the Timberwolves limping to the finish line if the stretch and Jaden McDaniels vibes couldn’t be lower. What does Jaden need to do to help this team achieve its potential and is 8-8 still an acceptable outcome after such a hot start to the “daunting 16” Listen to Coach Frank and Lance break it down on The Coach & The Culture podcast! Available on Apple, Spotify, Audible, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher and more… Please send feedback, questions and comments to @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Instagram The Coach & The Culture on FB

    S2E13 - 50m - Jan 10, 2024
  • Here Comes Slim Mac

    Recorded Sunday Dec 24th, The Coach & The Culture podcast returns at Coach Frank and Lance recap the 3-1 week that was. The duo discusses the road wins against Miami and Sacramento that bookend a road loss at Philly and a home win over the King James-less Lakers. The defense and Mike Conley remain a recurring theme but the surge of Jaden MacDaniels on both sides of the ball- and mostly him being on the floor- has been a welcomed sight. Coach Frank finishes the episode with our weekly “Concerning Trends and Hope it Never Ends” segment and a brief mention of the gauntlet that lies ahead in the first 10 days of 2024.

    Please give us a listen on all your favorite podcast platforms and give us feedback at: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on IG The Coach & The Culture on FB The Coach & The Culture on YouTube

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    S2E12 - 1h 16m - Dec 25, 2023
  • Skillmatic Still!!!

    Recorded on Sunday Dec 17th. Coach Frank and Lance are back in The Dream Shop to discuss our first place Minnesota Timberwolves. On this week’s episode we discuss: -The Wolves 3 games this week (NO loss, wins at Dallas and home vs Indiana). -KAT’s dominance of late. -Injuries and how they have and haven’t affected the team. -Rick Carlisle’s comments via Jon Krawzinski from “The Athletic” - Responses to a couple listener requests from Twitter -The upcoming week - Our “Concerning Trends and Hope it Never Ends” segment Coach Frank and Lance end the show with a preview the upcoming week and we announce our new social media partnership with upgrades to come.

    Give us a listen on any of your podcast listening platform or check out our video podcast on YouTube by searching “The Coach & The Culture” podcast. Please hit us up with an email or direct message: Fsentwali@gmail.com @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachcuturempls on IG The Coach & The Culture on FB

    S2E11 - 1h 17m - Dec 19, 2023
  • Rudy, A-Rod, and the rugged 16

    Recorded Sunday, December 10, the latest episode of “The Coach & The Culture” podcast jumps in with their thoughts on Rudy Gobert’s dominance, highlighted by a couple of 20 rebound games, destructive, Defense, and high energy. The duo discusses what they believe is the difference between Rudy’s play this season and last season as a recap last weeks games again San Antonio and Memphis. After so brief shake, Milton talk, Lance shares his thoughts about Alex Rodriguez‘s impact on the players mindsets, and the culture the soon to be new owners are trying to build. The conversation, then moves to the upcoming 16 games stretch that Coach Frank and Lance have been discussing for the last two weeks- starting with the Pelicans Monday night. The episode is with a revisit of last week “concerning trends, and hope it never ends” segment.

    Give us a listen and share your feedback. @coachcrooner on ‘X’ The Coach & The Culture on FB @coachculturempls on IG

    S2E10 - 1h 29m - Dec 11, 2023
  • Won’t apologize for 1st place

    In the latest episode, recorded Sunday Dec 3rd, Coach Frank and Lance revisit some views expressed last spring and summer that foreshadowed this year’s Wolves being good, being defense minded, and needing to stay the continuity course. A little “tooting our own horn” shall we say. Then the duo gets serious and discuss the week that was for your MN Timberwolves. Troy Brown’s heroics against OKC, NAW’s big night against Utah, and the clutch that was Conley against the Hornets. After a little Edwards and MacDaniel return and upcoming schedule discussion, the show closes with our “concerning trends & hope it never ends” segment.

    Give us a listen on Apple, Spotify, Audible, iTunes, Stitcher and wherever you listen to podcasts and share your thoughts. @fsentwali on ‘X’ @coachcrooner on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on IG The Coach and the Culture on FB

    1h 21m - Dec 5, 2023
  • 1st and Finally (home) Defeated

    Title: 1st and Finally (home) Defeated Recorded Sunday Nov 26th, Coach Frank And Lance talk about the Wolves weeks that was. Victories over New York, a no JoJo Philly squad and the injured and suspended Memphis Grizz cushion the blow of a first home loss against the Sacramento Kings. Within all the positives Coach Frank and Lance discuss at length how the Wolves being 4th from the bottom of the NBA in offensive rebounds allowed and turnovers per game is still a concerning trend for the hometown team. This in addition to Shake Milton’s struggles. On the positive, however, despite these issues they are still in 1st place, Troy Brown Jr is emerging, and Ant, KAT and Finch have been solving the riddles opponents have been throwing at them. The podcast ends with a dose of reality about the upcoming schedule and why the Wolves hot start will bear sweet fruit as a bitter 16 game stretch approaches. Listen in for these Wolves topics and more on The Coach and the Culture podcast. Available on Apple, Spotify, Audible. iTunes and more. Please send us your thoughts and feedback. @coachcrooner on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on IG The Coach and the Culture on FB

    1h 27m - Nov 27, 2023
  • KAT and The Road (weary) Wolves

    Recorded Sunday Nov 19, at The Dream Shop, Coach Frank and Lance Gardner review the Wolves 4 road games from the previous week. Beginning with a two game series in the Bay Area against Golden State the duo discuss how while the Wolves played two different Warriors teams, the energy needed to beat the Warriors twice was equally mentally and physically taxing in both. The duo then discuss how (and why) Chris Finch was clearly not allowing his obviously gassed group to make excuses on the second half of a back to back against a rested and ready Phoenix Suns squad. Coach Frank also explains why Devin Booker might just be Anthony Edwards kryptonite. Next, the discussion moves to the gutsy win against the New Orleans Pelicans and why that was the latest “most impressive” win of the season- as well as why winning against short handed or disadvantaged teams is so important this season. Last, Coach Frank and Lance revisit last episodes “concerning trends” and things they “hope never ends”.

    Turn us on for a great Timberwolves hoops listen. Then gives us some feedback on ‘X’ (Twitter), Facebook, or IG.

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    1h 12m - Nov 20, 2023
  • There can be no ‘OFF’ switch

    Recorded Sunday Nov 12: This episode of The Coach & The Culture podcast Lance Gardner joins Coach Frank to discuss the previous week’s Minnesota Timberwolves games against Boston, New Orleans, and San Antonio. The duo shares their thoughts on how Anthony Edward’s performance against the Celtics not only put the league on notice but also his teammates. And how that game exampled the synergy between star player and Head Coach. The conversation moves to Chris Finch keeping his starters on the floor late in the win against New Orleans and why Chris Finch can’t have an ‘OFF’ switch with this squad. After ending the week recap with some thoughts on KAT’s performance in San Antonio, the episode ends with preview thoughts on the back to back battles at Golden State- and a return of the segment “Concerning Trends and Hope it Never Ends”.

    Give us a listen and share your thoughts. The Coach & The Culture podcast can be found on Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible and more.

    @CoachCrooner on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on IG The Coach & The Culture on FB

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    1h 20m - Nov 13, 2023
  • Coach Finch and His Beautifully Boring Ballers

    Recorded Sunday Nov 5th at The Dream Shop:

    Coach Frank is once again joined by Lance Gardner of Yes!Trees tree trim and removal as they discuss last week’s trio of games. They toggle between the good and the bad about games vs Atlanta, Denver and Utah. Then the episode settles into a conversation about Ant’s challenges in learning how to play winning, 5 v 5, high stakes basketball. The conversation then switches to the duo’s thoughts about fan (X) criticism of Coach Finch. Along with their takes on Finch, the conversation slides into how the Wolves head man has adapted his “preferred” style of play to his current roster and how the Wolves best path to winning basketball is to continue to play boring and bludgeoning on offense and suffocating on defense. Lance and Coach Frank end the conversation with some things to watch for in the upcoming week’s tilts against Boston, New Orleans and “The Alien” led Spurs. Always nice to have Lance back. Listen in to fun basketball conversation between father and son in the Dream Shop. The Coach & The Culture podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Audible, ITunes and more. We will also have video available on YouTube this week.

    @coachcrooner on Twitter @coachculturempls on Insta The Coach & The Culture on FB Let us know your thoughts.

    Producer: @lloydleonvision@gmail.com

    1h 12m - Nov 7, 2023
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