Wolves Yo-Yo towards the break

1h 13m | Feb 13, 2024

Recorded Sunday February 11th, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture Timberwolves centric podcast finds Coach Frank and Lance Gardner recapping the tilts against the Rockets, Bulls, and Bucks. The conversation is centered around the contrasts between when the Wolves play well, like they did against the Rockets and Bucks and, when they lose intensity and focus like they did in the second half against the Bulls. The conversation shifts to a Chris Finch and his ability to manage teams throughout his Timberwolves coaching tenure. They always seem to yo-yo back up after a tough loss or tough stretch. The show the rehashes last episode’s conversation about play-calling and how Coach Finch is doing much more of it but it’s still on the players to execute. The episode concludes with the return of our “Concerning Trends & Hope it Never Ends” segment, as well as a look-ahead at the rest of the road trip and the 7 game home stand followed by a 6 game road trip coming out of the All-Star break. Please like, follow and subscribe to The Coach & The Culture podcast on Apple, Spotify, Audible, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher and more. Please give us feedback at: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Instagram @The Coach & The Culture on FB and YouTube

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