Who Will Stand Atop of the West?

1h 13m | Mar 18, 2024

Who will stand atop the west? Frank and Lance are back from their two week hiatus, and boy do they ever have a lot to talk about! Kat's injury, Rudy's bumps and bruises, and the ins and outs of other role players. Through all the unfortunate injuries, the Timberwolves are still finding ways to win games. Due in big part to Anthony Edwards dominance and growth as a decision maker. They also discuss the surge of Naz Reid's performances since receiving KAT's minutes and NAW being a key contributor toward the team's continued success. Listen in as they break down the Wolves' adaption to their latest challenges! Listen on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Check out our X: @coachculture22 Instagram: @coachculturempls

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