Howl at the Suns and Smoke some Nugs

1h 28m | May 1, 2024

Coach Frank and Lance are back with their first podcast recording in over a month. Coach Frank has been busy hosting the hottest Thursday night open MIC jam in the Twin Cities and Lance has been busy welcoming his first child in the world. The Wolves? Well, they were busy burning out the Phoenix Suns and their offensive stars and now they prepare to dig in on the defending champion Denver Nuggets. 

Listen in as Coach Frank and Lance discuss how the Wolves defense and playing style could be seen coming from as early as last April and what that style did so effectively against Phoenix. Jaden finally put up that 15-5 (okay 14-5) the duo has been pining for all year. Ant and KAT committed to ball movement and Rudy can guard guards. NAW can guard EVERYBODY.

Frank and Lance close the show discussing how all the above stacks up against the champs and they boldly make predictions on the series. 

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