There can be no ‘OFF’ switch

1h 20m | Nov 13, 2023

Recorded Sunday Nov 12: This episode of The Coach & The Culture podcast Lance Gardner joins Coach Frank to discuss the previous week’s Minnesota Timberwolves games against Boston, New Orleans, and San Antonio. The duo shares their thoughts on how Anthony Edward’s performance against the Celtics not only put the league on notice but also his teammates. And how that game exampled the synergy between star player and Head Coach. The conversation moves to Chris Finch keeping his starters on the floor late in the win against New Orleans and why Chris Finch can’t have an ‘OFF’ switch with this squad. After ending the week recap with some thoughts on KAT’s performance in San Antonio, the episode ends with preview thoughts on the back to back battles at Golden State- and a return of the segment “Concerning Trends and Hope it Never Ends”.

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