KAT and The Road (weary) Wolves

1h 12m | Nov 20, 2023

Recorded Sunday Nov 19, at The Dream Shop, Coach Frank and Lance Gardner review the Wolves 4 road games from the previous week. Beginning with a two game series in the Bay Area against Golden State the duo discuss how while the Wolves played two different Warriors teams, the energy needed to beat the Warriors twice was equally mentally and physically taxing in both. The duo then discuss how (and why) Chris Finch was clearly not allowing his obviously gassed group to make excuses on the second half of a back to back against a rested and ready Phoenix Suns squad. Coach Frank also explains why Devin Booker might just be Anthony Edwards kryptonite. Next, the discussion moves to the gutsy win against the New Orleans Pelicans and why that was the latest “most impressive” win of the season- as well as why winning against short handed or disadvantaged teams is so important this season. Last, Coach Frank and Lance revisit last episodes “concerning trends” and things they “hope never ends”.

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