There’s Water in the Glass (or Timberwolves souvenir cup)

Season 15 | Episode 2
1h 19m | Jan 29, 2024

Title: There’s Water in the Glass (or Timberwolves souvenir cup) Recorded Sunday January 28th, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture podcast welcomes back Lance as he and Coach Frank break down the 4 game week that was. A home loss to the lowly Charlotte Hornets, followed by uninspiring wins over the hapless Washington Wizards and the Brooklyn Nets preceded another fourth-quarter meltdown in a road loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Coach Frank and Lance both offer up rare criticism of Coach Finch and his absence of fire or 4th quarter management. The duo also has a lengthy discussion about the connection between the team’s fourth-quarter struggles and the “winning time” learning curve for Anthony Edwards. The podcast concludes with thoughts about the week ahead starting with a “get right or get worried” road tilt with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Please give us a listen and send your thoughts to: @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on instagram The Coach & The Culture on FB The Coach & The Culture podcast Available on: Apple, Spotify. Audible, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes and more

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