Rudy, A-Rod, and the rugged 16

Season 2 | Episode 10
1h 29m | Dec 11, 2023

Recorded Sunday, December 10, the latest episode of “The Coach & The Culture” podcast jumps in with their thoughts on Rudy Gobert’s dominance, highlighted by a couple of 20 rebound games, destructive, Defense, and high energy. The duo discusses what they believe is the difference between Rudy’s play this season and last season as a recap last weeks games again San Antonio and Memphis. After so brief shake, Milton talk, Lance shares his thoughts about Alex Rodriguez‘s impact on the players mindsets, and the culture the soon to be new owners are trying to build. The conversation, then moves to the upcoming 16 games stretch that Coach Frank and Lance have been discussing for the last two weeks- starting with the Pelicans Monday night. The episode is with a revisit of last week “concerning trends, and hope it never ends” segment.

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