The Nugs are cashed! On to the Mavs for the Western supremacy!

59m | May 20, 2024

Coach Frank and Lance do their first ever post game podcast as the Minnesota Timberwolves did what Coach Frank (and Perk) predicted they could do- win game 7 in Denver. Listen to The Coach & The Culture podcast duo recap the game, reiterate their stance on Jaden McDaniels, talk about the Wolves’ second hall defense, and how staying true to their “winning style” got them back in the game and ultimately prevailed. The duo closes the episode with their thoughts on the upcoming matchup with the Mavericks. Listen to why Coach Frank says Wolves in 6 and Lance says Wolves in 5. Both, however, agree that if this version of Jaden McDaniels shows up, Dallas doesn’t have a chance. Check out the latest episode in Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes and share your feedback with us @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on IG The Coach & The Culture on FB

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