It’s Jaden! (For Better and for Worse)

Season 2 | Episode 13
50m | Jan 10, 2024

Title: It’s Jaden! (For Better and for Worse) Also, Happy New Year! Recorded Jan 8 2024, the latest episode of The Coach & The Culture is the first of the new year and Coach Frank and Lance recap the last couple weeks. When we left our listening audience on Dec 26th the Jaden McDaniel vibe was high and the Wolves were rolling through their 16 game stretch vs above .500 teams. In this latest episode Coach Frank and Lance discuss the Timberwolves limping to the finish line if the stretch and Jaden McDaniels vibes couldn’t be lower. What does Jaden need to do to help this team achieve its potential and is 8-8 still an acceptable outcome after such a hot start to the “daunting 16” Listen to Coach Frank and Lance break it down on The Coach & The Culture podcast! Available on Apple, Spotify, Audible, iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher and more… Please send feedback, questions and comments to @coachculture22 on ‘X’ @coachculturempls on Instagram The Coach & The Culture on FB

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