33 | Susan Hensel (Mixed Media Artist)

50m | May 31, 2023

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby sit down with multimedia artist Susan Hensel to talk about her 50-year career as an artist. The conversation begins with Susan explaining her creative process in starting new projects but quickly moves to a diverse range of topics. Susan discusses the nuanced physics of color, the embodied experience of art, and the way that beauty provides rest. She then tells the story of her important trip to the Minnesota State Fair, an event that would catalyze her work in digital embroidery. Then, the discussion turns to the subject of sharing work; Susan shares her story of professional growth and how to approach rejection in a healthy way. The conversation concludes with a discussion about working through creative roadblocks. 


[00:00-3:05] Intro

[3:05-6:30] Starting new projects 

[6:30-7:24] The physics of color in fabric 

[7:24-8:37] Work with antique pipe molds

[8:37-9:25] Current subject matter: wayfinding 

[9:25-13:47 ] Art maintaining the possibility for multiple experiences 

[13:47-16:45] Beauty as a place of rest

[16:45-24:55] Minnesota State Fair and a start in digital embroidery 

[24:55-29:00] Settling on embroidery as primary medium 

[29:00-29:50] Bringing in the organic 

[29:50-40:35] Sharing work and artistic growth

[40:35-42:55] Rejection 

[42:55-46:00] Overcoming creative roadblocks 

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