36 | Introducing Dwelling: Launching a Substack, the Future of Publishing, and the Power of Newsletters

45m | Jul 12, 2023

Should you create a Substack publication? And why did Carter start one? 

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discuss “Dwelling: Exploring the non-identical in life and art,” Carter’s new publication. They explore the origins of the project and the future of publishing in general. In addition to discussing Dwelling, their conversation expands to the power of newsletters as creative mediums. They end the conversation by sketching how (and why) to launch your own Substack publication.  



0:00 Introduction

1:30 Why start a Substack? 

5:07 What is the non-identical? 

9:10 Seven Lamps of Prose

12:31 New creative economy on Substack 

15:09 Writing process

16:45 Carter's inspirations on Substack

19:42 Tactics

22:33 Newsletters and the O.R.B. marketing model  

32:16 The challenge of growth 

33:52 How do you start a Substack?  

38:37 Should you start a Substack? 



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