46 | Writing a PhD Dissertation, and How to Manage Big Creative Projects

34m | Nov 29, 2023

How do you write a dissertation? We’re not sure, but Carter is about to find out. 

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discuss Carter’s recent benchmark in his doctoral program. He shares some advice he received during his last exam and thoughts about embarking on his largest project to date.



0:00 Introduction 

3:42 Setting parameters for daily work 

12:07 Just typing

16:29 Identifying themes 

21:24 Trusting your voice 

26:19 Stepping away

30:06 Leaving a little in the tank 

32:22 Conclusion



Steven Pressfield

Greg Mckeown, Effortless

Paul Jarvis, Company of One

Cal Newport 


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