45 | 6 Quotes on the Creative Process from Annie Dillard

43m | Nov 15, 2023

Are you looking for sage creative advice from a master writer? Look no further. 

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discuss a number of quotes on the creative process from Annie Dillard. Their conversation, following Dillard, cuts across the Craft’s four creative first principles: create, revise, share, and sustain. 



0:00 Introduction 

2:05 #1 Live a life

7:13 #2 Cut ruthlessly 

18:08 #3 Spend it now

29:23 #4 Return to the concrete 

36:38 #5 Write as if you were dying 

38:22 #6 Embrace the idiosyncratic 

42:18 Conclusion 



“Write as if you were dying.” Read Annie Dillard’s greatest writing advice

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The Craft: Exploring the Creative Process