44 | Keep Showing Up: Overcoming 3 Creative Roadblocks

41m | Nov 1, 2023

I feel uninspired. What now? 

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discuss different types of creative roadblocks. They explore the phenomenon of “stuckness” in regard to artistic identity, specific projects, and skill development. They also share a list of actions/ideas that can help reinvigorate and reinspire. 



0:00 Introduction

2:03 Pressfield and showing up

5:32 What now?

10:09 Types of creative roadblocks 

12:29 Identity 

17:37 Shoutout: Negative Space 

20:23 Projects

27:49 Skills

34:42 Conclusion 

35:05 Bonus: Freewrite Reaction 




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Cover art by Elizabeth Newell. Learn more about her work at or on Instagram @elizabethisadesigner.

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