42 | Warwick Saint (Painter, Photographer, & Mixed Media Artist)

1h 8m | Oct 4, 2023

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby sit down with Warwick Saint. He is a prolific and award-winning artist who has photographed some of the most iconic actors/actresses, athletes, musicians, and brands, such as Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Zendaya, Miley Cyrus, Lebron James, John Legend, DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, Daniel Craig, Jamie Foxx, Nike, Puma, and many others. 

However, in 2018, Saint began a new chapter of his career. He started transforming his photography through painting, producing entirely new works of mixed-media art. In this interview, Carter and Colby talk with Saint about his creative evolution, focusing on the deep veins of continuity between mediums and processes. Saint also shares about his current routine, philosophy of art, and approach to overcoming creative fatigue.  



0:00 Trailer

0:38 Introduction 

4:23 Saint’s new chapter

10:16 Comparing mediums

15:33 Painting as tactile presence 

18:47 Layers and creative process 

23:40 Capturing emotion 

27:45 Revision process

33:06 Routine and embodied creativity 

41:46 Approaching a career in art

47:10 Navigating commissioned work

52:16 Creative fatigue and bravery 

1:00:22 Recent inspiration and receptivity 

1:05:37 Conclusion 



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