39 | Why Do We Love Beautiful Products?

54m | Aug 23, 2023

Why spend $25 on a pencil sharpener when a $.99 one will get the job done? Why spend $300 on a raincoat when you could spend $25?

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby explore the craft of beautiful products. What makes a product special or beautiful? Why are we drawn to certain products, even when they cost more money? Their conversation digs into these questions and explores the relationships we build with the products we love. Carter and Colby share some of their favorites, both physical and digital, and try to articulate how these products curate our experiences and cultivate personal values.



0:00 Introduction (Aesthetics, Utility, and Identity)

8:32 LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

12:35 Blackwing Sharpener

19:00 Scrivener

27:00 Colby’s Big 4 

28:25 Proton 

35:22 Arc and Simplicity 

42:13 Taste and Expertise 




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Cover art by Elizabeth Newell. Learn more about her work at or on Instagram @elizabethisadesigner.

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