38 | Will Mason (Singer-Songwriter)

1h 9m | Aug 9, 2023

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby sit down with Will Mason to talk about his creative process as a songwriter. They discuss his upcoming EP, Freedom, and break down two tracks from the project. The conversation covers topics ranging from crafting lyrics to finding your voice to facing creative roadblocks. Listen to Freedom here.



0:00 Introduction 

3:13 Interview begins 

4:50 Background as an artist

8:40 Development as a singer

10:42 Finding your voice 

12:20 Musical development 

15:34 First song and breakthrough 

17:50 Songwriting process 

22:26 Lyrics 

32:32 Dragonflies (song breakdown) 

50:41 Freedom (song breakdown)

1:03:00 Conclusion



Listen to Will's EP Freedom (released on August 18, 2023)

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