23 | Practice is Everything: Drills, Projects, and the Pressure to Publish

35m | Jan 11, 2023

In this episode of The Craft, Carter and Colby discuss the role of practice - specifically creative drills - in the pursuit of excellence. They begin by discussing the potential dangers of overemphasizing immediate action and/or publishing. The conversation complicates when considering build-in-public and behind-the-scenes projects. As the issue clarifies, they specifically address the fear of creative stagnation (paradoxically) through continual production, ie. making the same mistakes again and again. Additionally, Colby discusses the importance of cultivating both isolated (drill) and integrated (project) skills. This conversation moves toward practical techniques for practice, including imitating creative influences and expanding specific areas of knowledge. Finally, they end the discussion by emphasizing that not all practice is equal. Creatives need to cultivate practice habits that stretch their limits. 

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The Craft: Exploring the Creative Process