Podcast Advertising

Things Every Podcast Should Have Before Accepting Host-Read Ads

Whether a seasoned podcaster or one just getting started, it’s not surprising that you’re eager to land some Host-Read ad deals. But before you opt-in to the RedCircle Ads Program (RAP) or begin to pitch your show to brands, you’ll want to make sure you have these three things:

  1. Demographics of your audience
  2. An active online community
  3. A partnership mentality

Having at least one of these (ideally all 3!) will help you distinguish your show from the sea of podcasts.

Audience Demographics

Brands want to know that they’ll be able to reach their target audience. Otherwise, their messaging may fall on deaf ears. They want to know who your audience is, not just numbers on a page. Simple demographics like age and gender are vital pieces of information that shouldn’t be skipped. So be sure to add that information in your RAP Settings.

Another way for brands to understand you and your audience is to proactively share that information. If you receive a Host-Read Survey to fill out, then be sure to provide all the information you can so we can match you up with the right advertisers!

Active Community

Don’t confuse an active community with simply a large one. The creator space is teeming with thousands of micro-communities. Brands are interested in your unique reach! You have hundreds, thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands, of people who tune in to hear your thoughts on a whole array of topics. Brands are most interested in hosts who take the time to engage with their listeners in a variety of ways.

They want hosts who talk with their listeners over social media, share information through newsletters, or even those who write blogs to accompany their episodes. Take it from some of our successful podcast hosts who have cultivated fantastic online communities. Going above and beyond by engaging their communities on other platforms has helped them to land renewals and long-term partnerships with brands.

Partnership Mentality

The final, and arguably most important, thing to have is a partnership mentality. You worked hard to create your content and nurture your community. Always be sure to enter any Host-Read ad deal with a partnership mentality – you want this campaign to work out for everyone involved including you, the brand, and your audience.

Both your audience and interested brands trust you to be truthful with your words. Be passionate about the product. Use it in your everyday life and give your honest thoughts about it. It’s easy to see through inauthentic ads, don’t be one of them!

Remember to keep these three things in mind whenever you decide to join RAP. They’ll give you an excellent starting place and set you up for long-term success!