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Where to Distribute Now That Google Podcasts is Gone

It’s been a few weeks since Google (also known as Alphabet) has deprecated Google Podcasts leaving millions of listeners and podcasters to migrate to new distribution platforms. We wrote earlier about the end of Google Podcasts and included information on new platforms, but we thought we’d take a more in-depth look at the most popular listening app alternatives to Google Podcasts. 

Top Android Podcast Apps

There are dozens and dozens of podcasting apps available for all devices. One of the best ways to grow your audience is to make your show as accessible as possible. Ensuring that your podcast is available on as many platforms as you can is a great way to grow!

Free Options

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the most popular Android podcast apps. It offers listeners the ability to customize the way they listen to shows, automatically download your show, leave reviews, cast your show to any Chromecast device, create playlists for shows, and much more. They boast over 10 million app downloads – that’s a lot of potential listeners!

They also offer the ability to promote your show through paid ads through their Podcast Promotion page.

Pocket Casts

This is another wildly popular podcast app for Android users. Listeners are given a large set of unique tools like filtering, playback queues, the ability to connect to smart speakers, accessibility features, and tons more! Pocket Casts is also available on several different devices like Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, etc. You’ll capture plenty of potential listeners distributing with Pocket Casts.

They also have a podcast promotion feature where new shows can be showcased in their entirely human-curated collections. All you need to do is send them a quick email!


This app is unique from the others as it’s an open-source podcast player. Meaning any RSS Feed can be added with ease. It’s also completely volunteer-built which is pretty neat! They offer only a few features but they do make note of how easy-to-use their platform is, making it a much easier transition for folks who were used to Google Podcasts’ simplistic style. 

Paid Options

Pocket Casts Plus

Pocket Casts offers a paid version of their app alongside their free one. With Plus, listeners are able to use desktop apps, create folders for their favorite podcasts (which sync across devices), save specific parts of episodes for later listening, can be accessed through wearable OS like Apple Watches and Wear OS devices, plus all the free features!

Plans start at $39.99/Year (though they do sometimes run campaigns where you can get 50% off the first year!) 

Don’t Forget About the Major Platforms

Of course, you can’t forget the big players when it comes to podcast distribution. RedCircle makes it easy to distribute to Spotify, Amazon Music, and even iHeart Radio. Making sure that you’re also distributing your show on these platforms can help to grow your podcast even more. Making your show incredibly accessible can make it incredibly successful!

For questions on how to distribute your show on all major platforms, check out our Help Center.

There you have it! The best places to post your podcast for your Android listeners. Be sure to check out our Help Center for an even longer list of recommendations!

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