The End of Google Podcasts

Google (now known as “Alphabet”) announced in late September 2023 that their podcasting app, Google Podcasts, will be discontinued in 2024. It was later announced on the YouTube blog that podcasts on the app will be available through March 2024. Meaning the final date lies somewhere in April.

Of course, there’s been a lot of talk going around on what this means for everyone in the podcasting space. What will happen to the shows? Where will their audience migrate? We’ll do our best to quell these questions and more.

What It Means for Podcasters

Just like when Stitcher closed in August of last year, podcasters didn’t need to do much to prepare for the close. The app simply vanished on August 29, 2023, and listeners could no longer tune in to their favorite shows on the app. The same is most likely going to happen for Google Podcasts.

However, as a podcaster, there is a way to ensure your audience has a seamless transition and doesn’t miss out on new episodes. Prior to Google Podcasts shutting down, be sure you’re distributing your show on the universally most popular distribution platforms as well as on the most popular for Android users.

The most popular apps for Android users appear to be Podcast Addict and Pocket Casts. Both are super simple to submit your show for approval and listing. For Podcast Addict, you simply need to paste your RSS Feed on their Submissions page. The same is true for Pocket Casts, simply enter your RSS Feed on their Submissions page, but be sure to mark whether or not your show is public. See our Help Center for complete instructions.

It’s also worth announcing the new distribution channels to your audience so they know where to find you. Check in with your listeners and see what podcast apps they recommend, too!

What It Means for Your Audience

Since listeners may be subscribing to your show on Google Podcasts in order to get updates, it’s important to ensure that these folks know where to find you next. Share with them that they can find you on alternative platforms such as Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. The more places you distribute your show, the easier it is for your audience to find you and re-subscribe!

And if you’re a listener concerned about the Google Podcasts issue, then reach out to your favorite podcast to learn more about their plans for transition. Help them reach you and the rest of their audience by sharing your preferred apps!

Got any more questions about this topic? Check out our Help Center or send us an email. We’re happy to ease your worries!