Season A - Ep. 12: Faisal Masud, CEO at Fabric on Rebuilding E-Commerce

32m | Aug 12, 2021

Faisal Masud, is a CEO of Fabric, a cloud-native e-commerce platform for middle market and enterprise clients. Faisal discusses the history of Fabric, what’s behind the company's incredible growth, and what they plan to do with $150M capital they raised in less than a year. You would also be interested to hear his take on ebay, Amazon, UPS, and today’s Silicon Valley.


Faisal Masud is a CEO of Fabric, which he joined in 2020. Prior to Fabric, Faisal was COO at Wing (Alphabet), advisor to Google [X], and CTO at Staple. He also held roles at Groupon, eBay, and Amazon, and sits on several boards.


01:00 What’s Fabric  

05:50 Customer profile, Pricing, and Shopify discussion

09:00 Go-to-Market Strategy

12:45 Fabric’s size and growth drivers 

16:30 Company's Org. Structure

22:00 KPI for Marketing and Customer Success

22:40 Client focus - Balancing interests of customers and investors

25:00 Ebay and Amazon NPS

26:30 Survey Data vs Real Data. Silicon Valley is Wrong

27:55 Spending $100M in a frugal way

29:10 Investors involvement

31:40 Building a $100 Billion company

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