Season B - Ep. 3: Scott Salkin, SVP & GM at Gainsight Essentials, on Customer Success in SMBs

20m | Jun 30, 2022

Scott discusses the rise of Customer Success, Gainsight Essentials, its GTM strategy, and the most common mistakes by SMBs when it comes to CS.


Scott Salkin is SVP & GM, Gainsight Essentials at Gainsight. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO, and senior B2B sales and marketing executive. Prior to joining Gainsight, Scott was the founder and CEO of Allbound, a B2B SaaS platform dedicated to helping businesses accelerate revenue through channel partners and ecosystems.


01:20 Scott's path to Gainsight

04:15 Rise of Customer Success

06:50 Changes in Customer Success

09:00 Gainsight Essentials

12:45 Essentials' GTM strategy vs the Gainsight's GTM

14:40 Customer Success KPIs for SMBs

17:10 Most common mistakes by SMBs

18:20 Vision for Gainsight Essentials

Season B is Sponsored by CELIGO, IPaaS for Mid-Market companies.

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