Season B - Ep. 5: Marion Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Govenda, on serial entrepreneurship, and building a SaaS company

23m | Jul 25, 2022

Marion shared her experience of being a serial entrepreneur, the challenges of raising funds, as well as founding and growing Govenda. We discussed the company’s product, customer base, go-to-market strategy, and everything in between.


Marion Lewis is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Govenda, a board management platform that enables effective corporate governance. Prior to Govenda, she was a co-founder and CEO of Tachyon Solutions, a custom application development and interactive marketing firm.


01:05 Marion – serial entrepreneur

04:00 Govenda and its target markets

11:10 Locking in the first client

12:55 Raising capital

16:25 Govenda during and after COVID

17:45 Go-To-Market strategy

19:40 Org structure and hiring first employees

21:50 Role of investors

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