Season B - Ep. 2: Mark Strauch, Founding Partner at Alpine Investors, on building a SaaS holding company

35m | Jun 15, 2022

Mark discusses Alpine Investors and Alpine Software Group, a unique holding company they have built by acquiring SaaS companies within several verticals. He also shared Alpine's take on talent, the profile of companies the firm invests in, and SaaS 2.0.


Mark Strauch is a founding partner at Alpine Investors and Chairman of Alpine SG, the firm's vertical SaaS aggregation platform. Prior to Alpine, Mark served as CEO of EDC, a financial technology company that was acquired in 2011. Previously, he served as CEO of Business Engine, a venture-backed software company that was acquired in 2007.


00:35 Intro

03:15 Alpine and CEO-in-Training program

05:35 The reason why Alpine is the most sought-after firm for top MBA programs

06:50 Investing in SaaS and building Alpine SG

13:20 Valuations of private SaaS companies

15:40 Competing for the deals with other PE funds

21:20 Acquisition process and deal structuring

26:25 Investor vs Operator mindsets

28:30 Areas of improvements in bootstrapped companies

32:40 A vision for Alpine SG

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