Season B - Ep. 4: Miguel Fernandez, Co-Founder & CEO at Capchase, on alternative financing for SaaS companies

20m | Jul 13, 2022

Miguel discusses the story of Capchase, typical profile of SaaS clients, terms of financing they provide, and how investors and lenders view such financing. 


Miguel Fernandez is a Co-Founder & CEO of Capchase, an alternative finance provider that enables SaaS companies to access their future contract payments upfront. Prior to launching Capchase, Miguel worked in management consulting and then moved into SaaS. He headed sales and customer success at Geoblink, a Location Intelligence SaaS and scaled it from 0 to $2m in ARR.


01:10 Mguel and the story of Capchase

04:35 Use cases for Capchase

07:05 Comparing Venture Capital, Venture Debt, and Alternative financing

09:35 Who can use Alternative finance

11:30 Terms of financing - price, covenants, etc.

14:25 Revenue-based financing players

17:15 VCs' and lenders' take on Alternative financing

20:15 Vision for Capchase

Season B is Sponsored by CELIGO, IPaaS for Mid-Market companies.

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