Season A - Ep. 15: Erinn Tarpey, CMO at Visual Lease on SaaS Marketing

35m | Oct 15, 2021

Erinn Tarpey is a CMO at Visual Lease, a software provider that helps companies stay compliant with lease accounting standards. In this episode, Erinn discussed her role as a marketer, the structure of her team, how she measures the effectiveness of different marketing functions, her take on NPS, and many other things. She also shared a case study – Visual Lease’s call-to-action with a 65% conversion rate.


Erinn has expertise scaling up organizations in SaaS companies during periods of high growth and has driven marketing efforts around proprietary research development, mergers and acquisitions, and channel sales.

Before joining Visual Lease, Erinn served as a member of the senior leadership team at iCIMS. Prior to joining iCIMS, Erinn directed marketing efforts at Aquiire and PurchasingNet, Inc., both of which provide SaaS solutions designed to streamline procure-to-pay processes at global Fortune 1000 organizations.


00:35 Erinn and Visual Lease

03:50 Clients

05:20 Pricing

06:05 Solving the lease problem

09:20 Tailwinds from the regulatory environment

12:10 Top objectives of Marketer 

14:35 Marketing team structure

16:05 Measuring effectiveness of Marketing functions

22:25 Internal use of NPS 

26:45 Tech Stack 

29:25 Case study 

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