Live Damn Well

This is 100%, no doubt, a totally unique podcast. In this podcast, I will relentlessly ask: why is there so much conflicting information about nutrition, drugs, and lifestyle recommendations? Is there more to the story?

Ok, the podcast may not be THAT unique.

My name is Jorge Roman, author of "Return to Human", metabolically flexible individual, and insulin-sensitive human. In this podcast, I'll sometimes be joined by a two college friends of above average IQ, where we'll discuss the best of modern science, evolutionary biology, and ancestral practices.

I hope to bring thought leaders in health and wellness from all walks of life in an attempt to discover what truly makes someone sick and healthy.

Definitely NOT medical advice.


#3 Defining Stress––the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. From Oxidative Stress to Psychological Stress
Show Details54min 12s
#2 COVID Kills Healthy People? Part 2: Relevant Biomarkers of Health––A Six Pack Ain't It.
Show Details48min 27s
#1 COVID Kills Healthy People? Part 1: 13 Inch Biceps and Hunter Gatherers
Show Details40min 29s
#0 A Chronic Disease Epidemic, A Childhood Disdain for Fruit, and A Purpose Born Out of Quarantine. Intro to Live Damn Well
Show Details22min 58s