#49 The 7 Root Causes of Disease, Ivermectin, and “Science” with Dr. Richard Harris

46m | Jul 31, 2022

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Dr. Richard Harris (MD, PharmD, MBA) received his doctor of pharmacy from University of Texas at Austin and his medical degree from the McGovern School of Medicine. Following his residency at UTMB, Dr. Harris worked for a large practice in Houston but ultimately left to pursue his goal of promoting holistic lifestyle medicine. Find Dr Richard Harris at and on instagram: @drharrismd

In this episode, we discuss:

- Why Dr. Harris believes diseases share similar root causes

- How two people can have the same root cause, but different diseases

- How much fiber do we need for optimal health and what is a healthy microbiome?

- COVID controversies: “Science”, Randomized controlled trials, Ivermectin


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Study mentioned: Reframing Nutritional Microbiota Studies To Reflect an Inherent Metabolic Flexibility of the Human Gut: a Narrative Review Focusing on High-Fat Diets:


NOT medical advice; not intended to treat, cure or diagnose; this video is merely for educational purposes. YOU are responsible for YOU

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