S4E45 : The Standout Storyteller : Val Nicholas : Senior Vice President & Creative Director, SummitMedia Corporation

41m | Nov 14, 2023

In celebration of Veteran’s Day in the United States, we’re reaching into the vault to share one of our favorite shows from the first season. Jayzen is thrilled to welcome Val Nicholas to the show as they talk about his start in the US Army and how it impacted on his personal brand and media career.

We all pay a premium for the brands that we love. Great brands stand for something and give you a full brand experience, versus just being a commodity product where the lowest cost is all that matters. The same is true of your personal brand and how your career audience sees you. Are you a super-premium brand that commands a higher price? Are you the go-to person that everyone wants on their project team? Or, do you just blend in as one of the herd. To reach your next career breakthrough, you have to stand out like a super-premium brand.

Val is an award winning producer and currently is the Senior Vice President and Creative Director SummitMedia Corporation. Previously, he has held executive positions at several top media companies. Val is a proud veteran of the US Army and has worked extensively to expand workplace opportunities for vets.

Guest Bio

Val Nicholas

Senior Vice President & Creative Director

SummitMedia Corporation

Val Nicholas is the Senior Vice President and Creative Director at SummitMedia Corporation and co-founder and executive producer of Eyes on Target Productions, a production partner of Blumhouse. He is an seven-time Emmy award-winning television marketing and program production executive and has experience both in front of and behind the camera. He has held management positions at top media companies including NBC News & MSNBC, ABC and KCRA-TV. Val is a proud veteran of the US Army and attended the US Army Leadership Training School. He currently sits on the national board of the USO and Blue Star Families.


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