S5E11 : Interactivity Leads The Way : Jon Dakss : Founder and CEO, Palladium Consulting

54m | Apr 25, 2024

This week, Jayzen dives into a crucial aspect of your branding: defining your Tailwind Brand Attributes. That is, those adjectives or descriptors that define the unique feel of your brand. Tune is to learn all about Jayzen’s three step process to start and lead with your three attributes that best reflect your brand.

First: Reflect on your unique throughlines and core values. These are the threads that have woven through your life experiences, shaping who you are today. Think about the moments, activities, or values that have consistently resonated with you. What principles do you hold dear? What drives you? 

Next: Identify your unique strengths and desired perception. What are you naturally good at, and what sets you apart from others? How do you want others to see you? Your brand words should reflect both your strengths and the impression you want to leave.

Finally: Test for resonance. Is it going to stick? Once you've identified potential brand words, bounce them off trusted friends, colleagues, or mentors. Do these words accurately capture who you are? Do they resonate with others?

Jayzen is thrilled to welcome his long time friend and colleague, Jon Dakss to the show.  Jon is a talented technologist and was one of  the the original pioneers in interactive video and inventor of nearly 40 video-related patents. Working in television for years, Jon and his team created the software that would allow you as the viewer to play at home with “Deal or No Deal,” and many other innovative and interactive experiences.  He has now gone on to create Palladium Consulting to help clients through their technology challenges. .

Guest Bio

Jon Dakss 

Founder and CEO, Palladium Consulting

An early Internet and Interactive Video pioneer and inventor of nearly 40 video-related patents, Jon has spent his 20-year career leading product and engineering teams to build innovative and award-winning digital experiences at large scale. Jon runs Palladium Consulting, a Fractional CTO/CPO and Executive Advisory practice, supporting clients ranging from early-stage startups to global media powerhouses with data, product and technology leadership as well as partnerships. Jon was EVP & Chief Digital Officer at EPIX (An MGM Company) where he led the development and launch of EPIX NOW, the highly-rated Direct-to-Consumer SVOD platform, awarded two Webby honors for Best Streaming Service. At NBCUniversal Jon led numerous company wide technology, product and innovation teams in the Office of the CTO, partnering with all NBCU divisions and brands to launch new digital businesses and hundreds of industry-first experiences ranging from Streaming Video, to Mobile Apps and Messaging, to Interactive Synch-to-TV Experiences to Virtual Reality and beyond. Jon lives in Livingston New Jersey with his wife, three children and a crazy dog.


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