S5E4 : Brand Transformation : Andrew Howlett, CEO, Struck

54m | Jan 23, 2024

Welcome to Week 4 of the #LeadWithYourBrandChallenge! Each week in January, Jayzen is breaking down the Lead With Your Brand system into its five steps. Every Tuesday, listen to the podcast & learn about the next step to build your personal brand and help you toward your next Career Breakthrough!  There are even free downloadable worksheets with each step to help you in the process. Visit to learn more.

Step Four: Keep Up Your Image

Now that you have created your five to eight SuperSized brand attributes, you have to live them every single day. The bottom line is a Brand isn’t about words that you put on paper. It’s about the actions and the choices you make every single day. Take those brand attributes and peel the layers back. Imagine that you are on a reality show. We have had a film crew follow you all last week. We are playing the tape back and watching. What are the things that we would see do? What would we hear you say and how would you say it? What are the things you do that we would label as your brand attributes? Ultimately, leading with your brand is about observable actions and behaviors that you must demonstrate every day. Document a list of these behaviors and start emulating them in a consciously, competent way.

Great brands think about their brand filter. Create your formula that determines the way that you dress, the way that you maintain your office space, and most importantly, the way you create your signature projects. No matter how boring a project or task you’ve been given, you can do it in a way that brings your brand attributes to life and really promotes you.

Jayzen is thrilled to welcome Andrew Howlett, the CEO of Struck, to the show. Strategically boosting brand awareness, engagement, and growth and with expertise in rebranding, repositioning, and preparing for fundraising, Struck is at the forefront of brand transformation. As Struck’s CEO, Andrew is a visionary leader, dedicated to reshaping brands in destination marketing, outdoor recreation, and biotech. With a penchant for big-picture thinking, he’s constantly ahead of the curve, anticipating industry shifts and client needs, pushing Struck to excel.

Guest Bio

Andrew Howlett



Andrew Howlett, CEO of Struck, is a visionary leader with a passion for transforming brands across diverse industries, including destination marketing, outdoor recreation, and biotech. Andrew revels in big-picture thinking. He constantly strategizes, thinking and working a few steps ahead to anticipate our industry’s direction, our clients’ needs, and all the ways we can become a better Struck. Andrew spent his early career in finance and tech, before finding his biggest professional passion in agency work. He founded a successful agency here in Utah and a software development company in Nicaragua before landing at the helm of Struck, where his kaleidoscopic skillset steers us to greater heights.

With a hard working yet easy going manner, Andrew guides our agency’s strategic arc and hones our ability to knock client success metrics out of the park. He takes an active role in multiple professional organizations. He serves as board chair for SoDA (the Society of Digital Agencies) and is a member of the Forbes Agency Council as well as YPO, a global community of c-suite leaders. A history major at heart, Andrew finds travel fascinating. Scuba diving trips rank among his favorites, although he finds equal satisfaction in tending the tomato and zucchini plants in his home garden.


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