S5E8 : The Path to a Billion People : Chase Harmer : Founder, Wishes Inc & FinTech Innovator

45m | Mar 12, 2024

Today, we're diving into the glitzy world of Hollywood and the Oscars to draw parallels between how movie studios market their films and how you can market the most important production of your life – yourself!

Imagine you're a film studio gearing up for the Oscars – the grand stage where the best of the best are celebrated. Your film, in this case, is YOU. Yes, you are the lead actor, the director, and the producer of your own life's blockbuster. Just like the meticulous planning and strategic campaigns that surround a potential Oscar-winning film, your personal brand deserves the same level of attention. 

So, listen in as Jayzen breaks it down using the"Lead with Your Brand" system!

This week, Jayzen welcomes Chase Harmer to the show.  Chase has had an incredible career in FinTech, as a pioneer in virtual credit card technology. He’s built multi-million dollar companies and holds seven patents.  Now, after a life tragedy, he has pivoted his goals and aims to help a billion people through his new Wishes Inc platform that delivers financial support to those in need in a fully transparent manner.

Guest Bio

Chase Harmer 

Founder, Wishes Inc & FinTech Innovator

Chase Harmer spent 25+ years as a payments entrepreneur, he is a pioneer in virtual credit card technology with 7 patents since 2013. Founder of ProfitPay, acquired by PayCertify in 2021 with a valuation > $500M. Chase knows how to build enterprise value and process for scale. Chase uses his experience as a Lecturer and Mentor at the Founders Institute. Now, as the Founder of Wishes, Inc, he and his team have built proprietary technology to revolutionize fundraising. Wishes delivers the resources and financial support needed quicker than any other platform in the market.


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