S5E12 : Always Ask For It : Ed Soo Hoo : Worldwide CTO - Global Accounts, Lenovo

54m | May 7, 2024

Happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! We are proud to amplify AAPI Voices on the Lead With Your Brand!™ Podcast by celebrating the powerful voices and career journeys of AAPI executives, leaders, and innovators. Throughout the month of May, we’ll be featuring a guest with a fantastic career story to share, all who happen to be of Asian descent. In addition, be sure to check out to listen to some of our favorite episodes from past seasons.

This week, Jayzen shares his ideas on a critical element of your personal brand development, how you make people feel.  That is, when people interact with you and experience your brand, what feeling are they left with and are you beginning intentional about what you want that to be?  It is important to focus on your SuperSized brand words and make sure that they reflect the feeling that you want people to have - and are you delivering on that with every interaction.

Jayzen is excited to welcome Ed Soo Hoo to the show. Ed is a fascinating person who has had many careers over the years, from warehouseman, to a union truck driver and now as CTO for one of the top global technology companies. His secret? As he says, “you have to ask for it, even if you’re not qualified.” Ed is a storyteller and brings volumes of career wisdom that everyone can learn from.

Guest Bio

Ed Soo Hoo

Worldwide CTO - Global Accounts


Ed Soo Hoo is an asymmetrical thinker, crossing the intellectual and practical boundaries of enterprise and technology. Ed is known for stretching-the-box strategic thinking allowing companies expand from “Now, New and Next.” Ed connects the dots of technology and turns that capability into business-altering solutions for any organization. His Tetris-like talent for enabling, leveraging, and enhancing existing operational models and ecosystems is truly transformational.

An Industry Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley and executive coach, Ed brings unique insights coming from a diverse, eclectic set of rich experiences through a career that includes blue-collar teamster, global company leader, and eight-time startup exec (seed to IPO to buyout). 

A sought-after executive and keynote speaker on business leadership, Ed presents his theories on entrepreneurial spirit, vision, and drive through a multidisciplinary perspective of the world.

“The way we work has forever changed, so it’s time that the way we lead follows suit. In order to meet the challenges of a post-pandemic world and workforce, we must explore the ways in which we can build, inspire, and lead a team.”


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