S4E42 : Rising Through The Ranks : Malaina Matheus : President : Hudson Valley Lighting Group

50m | Oct 24, 2023

Jayzen is thrilled to welcome his friend and client, Malaina Matheus to the show.  Malaina started her tenure at Hudson Valley Lighting Group as a coordinator and has continued to grow her career to her current role as company president overseeing the four brands that make up Hudson Valley Lighting Group. She credits her “do the hard work and get things done” attitude as a driver in her career.  It’s about seeing what needs to be done, and doing it, as well as knowing your value and the value you bring to the company that allows you to expand your responsibilities and your drive career forward.

For the fans of the show, you know that Jayzen always asks his guest “if you were a type of car, what type of car would you be?”  It’s always hard to turn the mirror on yourself and think about what your personal brand words are or how you’d describe your brand.  Using this analogy helps get to the root of your style and get your creativity flowing.  Are you an off-roading Jeep because you like to take on challenges and nothing gets in your way, or are you an all electric SUV because you work efficiently and have the space for several projects at once.  This week Jayzen shares his thoughts and a story taking the analogy even further…asking “what type of shoe would you be?”  Tune in to hear his answer! 

Guest Bio

Malaina Matheus


Hudson Valley Lighting Group

Hudson Valley Lighting Group is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, and omnichannel distribution of decorative lighting fixtures, encompassing four brands: Hudson Valley Lighting, Mitzi, Troy, and Corbett.

As the one-stop shop for the most comprehensive selection of lighting, HVLG seeks to inspire and support our customers in their pursuit to achieve a home that perfectly reflects their clients. HVLG takes a designer-forward approach to the light-purchasing process — making the experience more inspiring, exciting, and inviting. At HVLG, we believe that great lighting has the power not to just elevate any space but enrich people's lives — and it’s that guiding philosophy that ties our family of brands together

Malaina is the proud mother of three and enjoys life in the New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.


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