Podcast Advertising

How to Keep the Momentum Going After Your First Podcast Ad Campaign

Before we jump in, take a quick moment to pat yourself on the back. Congrats! You completed your first podcast ad campaign! 😄

Of course, you’d want to keep the momentum going after successfully finishing, but how exactly do you go about doing that? The simple answer is to continue your campaigns. This article walks you through what you can do to keep your campaigns successful!

Metrics to Keep an Eye On

Metrics are essential to understanding how and why your podcast advertising campaign is working. There are plenty of metrics to watch, but the most important ones for podcast advertising, in particular, are those telling you where your customers are coming from. You can achieve this in a handful of ways!

By Conversions

One of the best ways to determine whether your campaign was a success, and to track future success, is to review conversion metrics such as Promo Code/Vanity URL uses and employ pixel tracking (both of which you can do through RedCircle!)

A “tracking pixel” is a small snippet of code that allows you to gather information about visitors to your website. Tracking pixels often appear as a long URL string. Why is this important to podcast advertisers? Well, this provides the brand running the campaign information confirming that the ad was served. Brands will often use an “Impressions Tracking Pixel” to track the number of listeners their ad has reached. 

You can use these tracking pixels to see if the listeners visit your website in the future. Tracking pixels essentially drop on the listeners’ networks where the podcast impression occurred and lets you know when one of these listeners visits your website in the near future.

Promo Codes and Vanity URLs provide a direct look at how many customers followed the call-to-action (CTA) from the selected podcast’s ad(s). You can evaluate the strength of their ad by the number of folks who purchased from your site using the provided promo code or vanity URL.

By Website Analytics

But what if your campaign was more about brand awareness than purchases? That’s where website and social media analytics come into play. 

One way to track brand awareness is through direct traffic vs referred (referral) traffic. See how many visitors came to your site from links from the podcaster, perhaps through their show notes or even social media mentions.

Speaking of social media, you can check out the number of visits, follows, and engagements your brand received during and after the podcast campaign. These metrics are especially important if the podcaster interacted with your brand on social media in some way.

By Self-Reporting

And finally, you can just ask your visitors why they decided to check you out with a simple survey. You can create a survey that asks the age-old “how did you hear about us” question and see if the podcasts you worked with pop up. 

Provide Plenty of Feedback

A truly excellent way to continue your fantastic podcast advertising campaigns is to provide your partner podcasters with feedback! They won’t know what is and isn’t working if they’re not given that information. Our Advertising Team is always ready and available to work with you to share that feedback. (You can contact them here!)

And check out our blog post on how to set your partner podcasts up for success!

Keep Building the Relationship

If you found a podcast that works for your brand, then be sure to nurture that relationship! It’s vital to create a good working relationship with your partner podcasters so that you both benefit from the collaboration.

We encourage both our podcasters and our advertisers to go into campaigns with a partnership mentality. Meaning that you’re both working towards a common goal with these campaigns! Our blog post on setting up your partner podcasts for success also covers all the different ways you can build a relationship with podcasters. From providing constructive feedback to giving them the resources they need to do a stellar job, there’s plenty that you can do to create a fruitful partnership!

Podcast advertising can be an incredible way to generate buzz about your brand, as well as create life-long partners and advocates! The key to keeping up the success is to keep an eye on metrics, provide your partner podcasts with feedback, and build a relationship with your chosen advocates.

Looking to advertise on our catalog of hundreds and hundreds of amazing podcasts? Get in contact with our Advertising team today!