Your Daily Dose of Awesome

Welcome to Your Daily Dose of Awesome. My name is Cyndi Liming. I’m a mom, wife, teacher, and lover of life. I love to spread positivity and enjoy making people laugh and smile. I am here to share how thinking and spreading optimism and awesomeness has changed my life, and to give you tips on how to spread awesomeness into every aspect of your life. My mission is to share the importance of kindness in order to drastically change the world. If you’re tired of negativity and would like to spread more awesomeness in a playful way then this podcast is for you!


Ep. 117: The Benefits of Giving Up Any Kind of Media
Show Details20min 39s
Ep. 116: How to Boost Your Creativity, Energy and Happiness
Show Details30min 23s
Ep. 115: Energize Your Home Through Organizing
Show Details38min 1s
Ep. 114: Super Easy Tips on Creating a Positive Mindset with guest Veronica Allen Hunt
Show Details44min 17s
Ep. 113: New Year, New You... Conquering Goals
Show Details30min
Ep. 112 New Year, New You...Reasonable Weight Loss Tips
Show Details32min 39s
Ep. 111: Amazing Feng Shui Tips to Try Right Now
Show Details29min 45s
Ep. 110: The Ultimate Guide to Hygge, the Art of Cozy
Show Details22min 39s
Ep. 109: Super Simple Changes to Spice Up Your Life
Show Details21min 18s
Ep. 108: Completely Change Your Money Mindset
Show Details18min 5s
Ep. 107: When You Feel Like You're Losing It
Show Details19min 34s
Ep. 106: Want to be Truly Inspired? Try Genius Hour!
Show Details22min 14s
Ep. 105: Change Your Life through Journaling
Show Details15min 21s
Ep. 104: How to Get Your Groove on and Connect with Friends
Show Details18min 6s
Ep. 103: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight
Show Details30min 53s
Ep. 102: The One Thing You Need to Have in Order to Have the Courage to Try
Show Details23min 25s
Ep. 101: Tips that You Absolutely Need for Getting Ready to Go Back to School
Show Details31min 5s
Ep. 100: How to Live with Someone Who Has COVID: A Survival Guide
Show Details29min 4s
Ep. 99: Your Child's Mental Health and Breaking the Ipad Addiction
Show Details18min 57s
Ep. 98: Steps to Prepare Your Child for Wearing a Mask in School
Show Details23min 51s
Ep. 97: Frustrated? Here's How to Fix It
Show Details24min 51s
Ep. 96: Learn How to Create and Play with Lizzie LaRock
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep: 95 Combating Racism through Educating and Not Shaming
Show Details44min 14s
Ep. 94: Interview with Co-Founders and CEO of
Show Details40min 53s
Ep. 93: How to Get Rid of To Do Lists
Show Details8min 27s
Ep. 92: A Simple Thing You Can Do to Get More Organized
Show Details9min 33s
Ep. 91: Creating Positive "What If" Statements
Show Details14min 1s
Ep. 90: A Surprising Way to Soothe the Soul
Show Details12min 45s
Ep. 89: Silly Discipline and a Joyful Mindful Activity
Show Details15min 45s
Ep. 88: Adding Structure and Fun into the Home
Show Details17min 15s
Ep. 87: Inexpensive and Easy Mother's Day Gifts that You Can Create Without Leaving Your Home
Show Details14min 13s
Ep. 86 The Books I'm Reading
Show Details16min 57s
EP. 85: The Importance of Letter Writing
Show Details18min 43s
Ep. 84 Creative Things to Do While Quarantined
Show Details18min 13s
Ep 83: You Can Make a Difference
Show Details15min 2s
Ep. 82: There's No Time to Be a Victim
Show Details16min 30s
Ep. 81: Creating a New Routine During the Corona Virus Shutdown
Show Details15min 34s
Ep. 80: Online School, Your Child and the Corona Virus
Show Details25min 53s
Ep. 79: Quick and Easy Acts of Kindness
Show Details15min
Ep. 78: The Fun 15
Show Details17min 34s
Ep. 77: Train Your Brain to be Positive in Just 2 Minutes!
Show Details10min 9s
Ep. 76: Creating a Positive Mindset
Show Details19min 17s
Ep. 75: Things I Stopped Buying Part 2
Show Details18min 9s
Ep. 74: Things I Stopped Buying Part 1
Show Details17min 44s
Ep. 73: Starting Something Brand New
Show Details18min 38s
Ep. 72: Mindfulness and How to Use it in Your Daily Life
Show Details18min 25s
Ep. 71: How to Wait Well
Show Details17min 22s
Ep. 70: Books to Help You Jumpstart 2020
Show Details17min 10s
Ep. 69: Inspirational Goals for 2020
Show Details22min 44s
Ep. 68 From Keto to Plant Based
Show Details28min 13s
Ep. 67: Realistic Decluttering for the Non-Pinterest Mom
Show Details21min 37s
Ep. 66: Get Your Gratitude Groove On!
Show Details15min 1s
Ep. 65: Journaling for the Overwhelmed
Show Details13min 11s
Ep. 64: My Favorite Podcasts
Show Details15min 43s
Ep. 63: Inexpensive & Useful Gifts That You Probably Never Thought Of
Show Details23min 57s
Ep. 62: How I Get My "Hygge" On...The Art of Cozy!
Show Details23min 51s
Ep.61: How to Make Laundry Awesome!
Show Details17min 47s
Ep: 60: A Simple Way to Feel Rejuvenated at Work
Show Details20min 59s
Ep. 59: How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Household
Show Details18min 17s
Ep. 58: New Website, New Start, Same Awesome Podcast
Show Details32min 30s
Ep. 57: How I Became a Morning Person
Show Details11min 49s
Why I'm Taking a Hiatus
Show Details1min 42s
Ep. 56 A Super Easy and Fun Cleaning Tip for Kids!
Show Details6min 9s
Ep. 55 Make Someone's Day!
Show Details7min 36s
Ep. 54 Clever Tools to Simplify Your Life
Show Details10min 3s
Ep. 53 Loneliness and Long Distance Relationships
Show Details20min 37s
Ep. 52 Two Separate Homes, One Happy Marriage
Show Details30min 7s
Ep. 51 Create a Book of Abundance
Show Details18min 4s
Ep. 50 Slime, YouTube and YOU!
Show Details17min
Ep. 49 An Easy Way to Find Peace
Show Details15min 41s
Ep. 48 Necessary Tools to Help You Save Time
Show Details17min 30s
Ep. 47 The Anniversary Episode and Life Lessons
Show Details13min 16s
Ep. 46 The Key to Conquering Your Fears
Show Details16min 33s
Ep. 45 Overcoming Overwhelm "ness"
Show Details18min 16s
Ep. 44 How Your Reactions Create a Ripple Effect
Show Details11min 24s
Episode 43: What Your Teen Wants You to Know About Dating Part 2
Show Details19min 11s
Ep. 42 What Your Teen Wants You to Know About Dating Part 1
Show Details13min 46s
Ep.41 How I Become An Extrovert in Social Situations
Show Details10min 40s
Ep. 40 The Better Than Nothing Workout
Show Details9min
Ep. 39 Would You Repeat Your Life if You Had To?
Show Details8min 59s
Ep. 38 Ideas to Spark Your Passion
Show Details9min 52s
Ep. 37 An Awesome Analogy to Use on Your Journey Towards Awesomeness
Show Details6min 42s
Ep 36 Life Changing Ways to Use Essential Oils
Show Details19min 2s
Bonus Episode: Things You Might Not Have Known About Me
Show Details18min 16s
Ep. 35 The Benefits of Drinking Water First Thing in the Morning
Show Details9min 36s
Ep. 34 An Easy and Fabulous Way to Boost Your Awesomeness
Show Details13min 50s
Ep. 33 Finding Balance
Show Details39min 10s
Ep. 32 How to Convert Wasted Time into Moments That Count
Show Details14min 48s
Ep. 31 How I Made Some Extra Cash by Giving It Away!
Show Details9min 49s
Ep. 30: Simple Things You Can Do Right Now to Make the World More Awesome feat. Bryan Humphrey
Show Details15min 51s
Ep. 29 The Impact of Having an Awesome Attitude (feat. Gary Broadbent)
Show Details48min 50s
Ep. 28: How to Jump Start a Positive Mindset
Show Details16min 2s
Ep 27: What It’s Like to be on the Autism Spectrum
Show Details49min 16s
Ep. 26: How to Conquer Your Fear of Trying Something New
Show Details15min 38s
A Little Dose of Awesome: The Importance of Staying in the Moment
Show Details7min 15s
Ep. 25: How I Got Energized in Under 1 Week
Show Details15min 1s
Ep. 24: Mind Blowing Ways to Create More Time in Your Day So You Can Stop Multitasking!
Show Details19min 17s
Ep. 23 My Secret to Keeping It Together
Show Details14min 33s
Ep. 22 Things No One Tells You About Parenting
Show Details22min 23s
Ep. 21 Steps to Turn Waiting into FUN!
Show Details21min 57s
Ep. 20: How to Replace Technology with Meaningful Moments
Show Details20min 6s
Ep. 19: Completely Change Your Life by Learning Something New
Show Details15min 6s
Ep. 18 How to Find Joy in Small Moments
Show Details11min 15s
Ep. 17: Start a Daily Project
Show Details17min 45s
A Little Dose of Awesome 1/31: A Lighthearted Way to Deal with Conflict
Show Details1min
Ep. 16: Dealing with Conflict, a Ref's Point of View
Show Details29min
A Little Dose of Awesome 1/26/19: Listener Spotify Playlist
Show Details3min 18s
Episode 15: The Importance of Letting Others Be Themselves
Show Details55min 29s
A Little Dose of Awesome 1/16/19: The Shine App
Show Details56s
Ep. 14 Have Something to Look Forward To
Show Details14min 32s
A Little Dose of Awesome 1/10/19: An Easy Way to Celebrate Others
Show Details5min 17s
Ep. 12: How to Treat People with Disabilities
Show Details1hr 10min
A Little Dose of Awesome: 1/7 Preview
Show Details18s
Episode 11: Awesome Things to Add to Daily Chaos So Your Day Isn’t so Chaotic!
Show Details14min 24s
Ep. 10: How to Prepare to Crush Goals in 2019
Show Details40min 55s
Ep. 9: What It’s Like to be Homeless
Show Details36min 22s
Ep 8: A Podcast Mishap and using coping skills!
Show Details15min 9s
Episode 7: Christmas Gifts to Inspire You or Someone You Love!
Show Details16min 17s
Episode 6: Are you making your children or significant other feel like a burden?
Show Details13min 24s
Episode 5: Awesome Ways to Cope with Seasonal Depression
Show Details19min 2s
Episode 4: Interview with Gregg Clunis
Show Details31min 47s
Episode 3: Create a “Give List” instead of a “Wish List!”
Show Details9min 9s
Episode 2: Your Ideas are Your Responsibilities!
Show Details32min 35s
Episode 1: Create What You Want to Exist
Show Details25min 7s