Ep. 100: How to Live with Someone Who Has COVID: A Survival Guide

29m | Aug 8, 2020
Last week I talked about how I was regulating my 8 year old’s ipad usage, and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we started to get a grip on things, 2 people in my family got COVID.  I wouldn’t normally want to talk about it because I know you get enough  information about the coronavirus from your own news, but I was thinking maybe you would be interested in hearing about it first hand from someone who was living with someone who had it. I can tell you, it isn’t completely like what you are hearing on the news.  It has also been eye opening for me as well.  I hope that no one in your family gets it, but if they do, I will be sharing with you how we dealt with it with much success.  No one else in the house caught it. Helpful Resources in this Episode: This post includes affiliate links which means I can make a small profit at no cost to you. Purchase a no contact thermometer by clicking here. Packs of disinfecting wipes so you can keep one in  your hand at all times can be found here. Click here for washable cloth masks. Click here to get a deal on Instacart:

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