Ep. 98: Steps to Prepare Your Child for Wearing a Mask in School

23m | Jul 22, 2020
There are so many questions about what school is  going to look like in the fall.  It sounds like most schools will have the option to go back.  If that is the case, one common thing I am hearing is that the students and staff will definitely need to wear a mask. No matter what your opinion is about the masks, the students will be required to wear them in order to enter the school building.  Here’s the thing, I know there are some people out there that do not like the masks.  Honestly, I don’t care much for them either, but here is my plea, as a teacher:  Please encourage your child to wear a mask.  Start now!  In this episode, I am going to talk about why it is important and how to go about encouraging your child. Helpful Resources in this Episode This post has affiliate links which means I can make a small profit at no cost to you. Check out my new course on the app Listenable where you can learn anything anywhere!  My course is called The Power of Positivity.  Click here for more info! Get a pack of 50 cotton masks from Amazon by clicking here! Click here to get the same, reasonably priced tie dye kit that I used for our masks. Purchase some fabric paint or fabric markers from Amazon. My 8 year old prefers these masks. Get a 6 pack of 8oz bottles of hand sanitizer for your child to keep in their pencil pouch.  I'm sure these are going to go fast, so stock up now! Join my Facebook group at

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