Ep. 108: Completely Change Your Money Mindset

18m | Nov 2, 2020
I am a work in progress when it comes to my money mindset.  I am on a teacher’s income functioning as a single mom.  Although very happily married, if you did not know, we do not live together (long story), and we do not share our incomes.  At work, the people I work the closest with are married and live on 2 incomes.  My parents and cousins are all super successful.  I am super proud of them.  They have worked hard to get where they are.  They also chose different career paths, and had I done the same, I too, could be doubling what I make now, if not tripling it.  I have had to work on my mindset because at times, I have gotten very negative about it.  It’s totally on me.  I am the only one who controls my thoughts, so I am fully to blame for any negativity that I have had towards money.  It is very easy for me to get down on myself when I see people at work going out to lunch together and I never can.  I rarely buy new clothes, my roots are showing most of the time, and my nails are never manicured professionally.  I could keep going, but I, like I said, have changed my money mindset.  I’m only telling you some of my negative thoughts so you can see how changing my mindset of money has changed.  I was already a few years in as far as changing my mindset about money, but after reading this book, I feel myself changing even more. Helpful Resources in this Episode: This post includes affiliate links which means I can make a small profit with no extra charge to you! Start your journaling practice today with my newly published, Create the Awesome Journal! Buy it on Amazon by clicking here. Buy the book Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly by clicking here. My listeners get a free audio book and a free 30 day trial from Audible. Get the deal here. Help Jewish elderly women who are living in poverty by making a donation to International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Listen to my Power of Positivity Course on the app Listenable by clicking here.

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