The Baguette Boys & You

Money. Cars. Sex Appeal. Security. Autonomy. Popularity. Charisma. Reputation. “Bread.” How do you obtain said bread? What does bread even mean? What’s the difference between whole grain and a baguette? What’s the "recipe" for success? Join the Baguette Boys community, as three “average joes” track and share their journey to success. On a weekly basis, we give each other—and you—the tough love we all need to “get that bread.”

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Mentorship From A Lifelong Mentor
Show Details1hr 19min
Own Yo Sh*t
Show Details53min 7s
Dating In Your 20s
Show Details48min 32s
Bring Back MySpace
Show Details59min 26s
Our Year
Show Details48min 29s
The Path Is Beautiful
Show Details1hr 7min
Colonel Sanders Started KFC at 65
Show Details47min 20s
Do Nothing, Learn Nothing
Show Details1hr 4min
Buy Healthy, Eat Healthy
Show Details53min 50s
Till I Collapse
Show Details47min 27s
Burnin' Out (for you baby)
Show Details43min 50s
State of Flow
Show Details34min 56s
I Want It All, I Want It Now
Show Details50min 14s
Get me some Jimmy Buckets
Show Details46min 26s
Growing at Red Lobster
Show Details52min 26s
You vs. Yourself
Show Details49min 51s
Surround Yourself with Wolves
Show Details48min 18s
The Graduation Scaries
Show Details36min 10s
The First Squat
Show Details33min 14s
Do you baby!
Show Details34min 58s