Movement Snacks

Season 2 | Episode 14
1h 28m | Apr 12, 2021

Richie hosts this episode as DPT William Schopp joins the podcast to talk about all the different ways to know your body. We start with a killer interview with William, learning about what got him into Physical Therapy and his passion behind it to open his own practice.

Derek also accomplishes the monumental goal he's been chasing for almost 8 months, and the boys ask about the different stages of that journey. He also shares about the tough mental aspects during the journey and the rollercoaster it was to get here.

Check out William's Instagram (and all other socials): @themovementschopp

Show Notes:

  • Do movement snacks! Get up a move for a bit, stretch, etc. especially if you are a desk jockey/weekend warrior.
  • Consistency is key (or as Richie says, Consistency Compounds): learn the correct movements, and do them for decades.
  • 4 pillars of health: Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, Movement (+ a psuedo-fifth pillar: Relationships)
  • Book recommendations from William: Killing Comfort by Jerred Moon, and for entrepreneurs, read The E-Myth by Michael E Gerber
  • Functionally fit IG pages/coaches William recommends: The Ready State (@thereadystate), Squat University (@squat_university), Institute Clinical Excellence (@icephysio), Mitch Babcock (@dr.mitch.dpt), Barbell Physio (@thebarbellphysio)
  • Check out the Uncaged Clinician:

Weekly Challenge: Get in some of those titular Movement Snacks

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