Mentorship From A Lifelong Mentor

Season 2 | Episode 4
1h 19m | Jan 26, 2021

Ending the first month of 2021, The Baguette Boys host their high school math teacher, Bobby "Mr. I" Imamura. He has been a huge influence on all 3 of us, and his insight this episode lives up to the hype! He talks in depth of the challenges he experienced growing up and how that led him to find the love for teaching.

On top of teaching, he does a multitude of other hobbies - some very incredible, which we talk on the episode. We planned to cover one of those hobbies in depth but didn't get the chance to because the conversation was just too good. Mr. I now does marathons, and has a running partner every time he goes out. Check out @beckettesbattle to learn about Chris Beckette, his story, and how Mr. I is making it possible for Chris to be an athlete again.

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