Do Nothing, Learn Nothing

Season 1 | Episode 13
1h 3m | Dec 7, 2020

The boys are back - and at least a few pounds heavier from Thanksgiving. With the turn of a new month, we reflect on our November goals and lay down some final goals for 2020.

Today's episode covers the ins and outs of "getting out of a rut". The boys talk about what a rut is, some ways to get out of it, and even talk about the kind of help you might need in those situations (or perhaps no help at all!).

Show Notes:
- Connor's goal/fitness Instagram: @connorjohn2022
- We're doing BestSelf's SelfJournal to start the new year. Join us if you'd like to :)
- Informed Optimism Graph:

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Weekly Challenge: go through a "junk drawer" in your life - organize it and throw stuff out you don't need.

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