Stories From Near And Far - Spain - The Golden Cob (Episode 148)

Episode 148
6m | Oct 21, 2023

Today's story, The Golden Cob, is a folktale from Spain about a very hardworking mother.

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Once upon a time in a small town in Spain, there was a very humble farmer family. There was a father, a mother and five children. Unfortunately, that family was so poor that they barely had anything to eat. Their only way to sustain was a small field of corn. Even though they only had one type of food, they managed to make different recipes to feed and make the little ones happy. They made cakes, and breads from the corn... and they still had some corn left over to be able to sell in the market.

Guess who did all the work? All of this was done by the mother of the family, who was in charge of all the functions that had to be done related to corn and even go to the market to sell the corn. She was extremely hardworking.

Children, what all has to be done at a farm to grow anything?

Yes indeed, at any farm the farmer needs to, plant the seeds, take care of the plants, and then harvest the crop.

The mother did all that and then cooked food. After that, she prepared different types of corn dishes so that her children would not get bored of eating the same thing again and again.

Then she went to the market and sold the leftover corn. She was also the one in charge of maintaining and taking care of the house and ensuring that her children went to school. And guess what the father did?

The father enjoyed comfortable and endless naps.

One day the mother was so tired from working that she didn’t have the energy to do each of her daily tasks and sell what was left over in the market to earn some coins. 

The mother then cried inconsolably.

She thought, “Who would feed my children and sell the corn in the market?”

Then she saw her husband merrily sleeping, unaware that she was unwell.

She thought, “All this would not happen if my husband helps me.”

However, she knew that her husband would never lift a finger and do any work. He was a very stubborn and selfish person who only enjoyed sleeping and walking in the countryside.

The mother was so tired that she decided to stop thinking and go to sleep so she could rest and collect more corn the next day.

Just as she was heading to her room, she saw something that was very shiny. Believing that it was the result of fatigue, she decided to continue on her way to the room. But again her eyes noticed the flashes. What was that? It couldn't be a ray of sunlight because it was already night, although it was undoubtedly coming through the window, so she decided to go out to see what that intense reflection could be...

 Children, any guesses on what was the shiny thing?

“It's a golden cob! OMG! I can't believe it!" The farmer woman said excitedly when she finally realized that the flashes were coming from the cornfield.

After picking up the golden cob, the woman ran to the house to tell her husband, who was already asleep.

“What is it? I am tired, let me sleep,” said the farmer angrily.

He opened his eyes a tiny bit, and was startled to see a golden cob. He immediately sprang up from the bed. The farmer couldn't believe what he saw.

He thought that his wife was so good and so hardworking that the gods would undoubtedly have wanted to reward her. Then the farmer realised his mistake of being lazy and not extending a helping hand. He knelt down and promised to help her with everything.

The next day the farmers decided to go sell that ear of gold, and with the money they got they bought more corn, some new clothes and fixed up their humble house. The father stopped lazing around and worked very hard since then with his wife, so the profits from the corn only grew and grew and they never went hungry again. The father of that beautiful family understood that all that had happened was the result of teamwork.

He indeed was never lazy after that and helped the mother.


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