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Episode 167
6m | Apr 20, 2024

Today’s story-Watching the Garden is a folktale from Thailand about a little boy trying to get the beans from his garden back.

To find out if he succeeds, listen to the story

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Once in Thailand, a little boy was sent to watch the garden by his grandfather. But after a while he grew bored and went off to play. As soon as he left, a crow swooped down and stole some beans. Just then, the boy's grandfather came and was most annoyed. After some time, the boy returned with a smile, which quickly turned upside down when he saw his grandfather's face.

“Look what happened when you left,” the old man said to the boy.

“We need those beans. You should have watched. It was your work.”

The boy felt very sad and wanted to help.

He decided to get the beans back from the crow. So he ran to a hunter and said, “Please sir, shoot an arrow at that crow so he will drop the beans he stole.”

“Why should I bother the crow?” asked the hunter. “You made the mistake, not the crow.”

The boy walked on until he found a mouse.

“Please little mouse,” he said. “Chew the hunter’s bowstrings so he will shoot an arrow for me.”

“I am not mad at the hunter,” said the mouse, “it's your problem”.

So, the boy walked on soon he saw a cat and said, “Please friend cat, nip that mouse so it will help me.”

But the cat too refused.

Children, who do you think the little boy would meet next?

Exactly -a dog!

So, the boy met a dog.

“Dear dog,” he said. “Chase that cat so it will nip the mouse and help me.”

“Chase him yourself,” replied the dog. “I am busy.”

 Then the boy found a hammer and begged him to beat the dog.

“I am too tired,” said the hammer.

So the boy ran to a fire.

“Fire, strong fire,” he said, “Burn that stubborn hammer so it will agree.”

“Too much work,” sizzled the fire.

Children , let’s list all the people and things that the boy met

Yes- the hunter, the mouse, the cat, the dog, the hammer, and the fire.

Next the boy pleaded with some water, “Pour yourself on the fire, dear water, to help me.”

“But I like that fire,” replied the water.

So the boy asked the earth to cover the water but the earth refused to.

Then the boy found an elephant and begged, “Could you please pound the earth so it will cover the water.”

The elephant shook his trunk.

So the boy sat down and cried.

Children, why did the boy cry?

Yes, the boy cried as he was sad about losing the beans and wanted to get them back. But no one was helping him.

At that time, a little mosquito flew around him. The boy suddenly caught it.

“Now, little mosquito,” he said, “Fly into the elephant’s ears and annoy him or else squeeze you to death.”

The mosquito was scared. He flew into the elephants ear.

The elephant was scared and he pounded the earth.

The earth was scared and it covered the water.

The water was scared and fell on the fire.

The fire was scared and ran to burn the hammer.

The hammer was scared and threatened the dog.

The dog was scared and chased the cat.

The cat was scared and ran to nip the mouse.

The mouse was scared and ran to bit the bowstring.

The hunter was scared and he shot an arrow.

The arrow scared the crow.

The crow dropped the beans and they fell right into the garden again.

The grandfather was delighted and forgave the boy at once. then they enjoyed a meal of the best noodles and the freshest vegetables.

But after that the boy always watched the garden very carefully and he waited until he was all finished before he went to play.

Try to recall all the events in the story.

And remember that we must finish our work before running off to play.

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