StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Ayaan (Episode 185)

Episode 185
8m | May 29, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome Ayaan.


History takes a turn

By: Ayaan Shaik


gathering all my equipment, I went fishing not checking the weather. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a very stormy day., Fishing is certainly  my favorite thing to do in the  free time. Thunder was blazing onto the ocean’s ferocious waves. I, Lincoln, 24 years old, am an Olympic swimmer, I was confident that I could pull through the storm. What I had not realized was a huge mighty tsunami coming to life in a distance….

My brain was full of thoughts, and I had shivers running down my spine(we can’t change idioms) . The boat suddenly stopped moving. I turned around to check on the engine. Luckily, the moment I attached it to the power back up it started working. I immediately turned around to check on the waves, they were humongous and frightening. My eyes were wide open and veins were appearing on my forehead. The next moment, it had swallowed both my boat and me

Probably a few hours later as I opened my eyes, I saw what looked like diamond and emerald ores sparkling in a mythical cave. It was a jaw dropping sight. I said to myself, “This is unbelievable! What a majestic view! This must be worth millions of dollars.” Slowly and carefully I moved deeper into the cave, awestruckby the twinkling ores.

Abruptly, there were no more sparkles , but what  came before my eyes was a huge ancient city. My mouth had let out a big smile. It seemed like a realm ,before I thought of anything else, a hammer struck my head with a loud THUD! I woke up in a jail cell. It was very different from what we have on earth. It was made of stone with moss coverings. I said to myself, “Someone from this city might have seen me as a threat.. Or maybe they don’t allow visitors…?” As I looked out of the bars, the city was majestic but it was almost in ruins, there were very large dwellings though they were not as advanced a civilization as us.. I turned back and saw people with tridents walking across, they must have ben the guards… They had emerald green eyes and scales running all over their body. They were as tall as me which is quite tall standing at 6”4. But were quite plump which made them wobble and difficult to move . y. Don’t get me wrong but though they were plump they sure were strong. One of the guards saw me and yelled out, “GENERAL! THE CREATURE HAS WOKEN UP!”

The next moment, there were 6 guards at my cell. They dragged me out and grabbed me tight. I didn’t say a word or do anything fearing that they might do something. They pushed me upstairs to something that looked like a court room,,. Whatever may be the room, it was reeking of foul-smell . Apart from that it was beautifully build.  

I  could hear the waves of the ocean flowing above which made me realize that we were under the water.

A big man wearing a crown was sitting on a golden throne at the far end . He was the immortal warrior who became king 3 centuries ago. (how did you come to know of it?? Probably somewhere you read or youoverheard)The kind had hundreds of people bowing down to him. He said with an angry tone, “Oh Creature! You have committed a crime by entering here without permission. I can not afford you to go tell everyone about us. I said, “My mouth will be shut tight about this! I won’t tell a single soul is you let me go now.” The king replied, “ But I will let you fight and if win over my people , I’ll free you.

I had no choice so  accepted the challenge….

Now I was  blindfolded, but realized that there was only one guard with me. I could have easily knocked him down but I did not want to infuriate them and waited for the right time.  Hence,I followed their command and went to the arena. Once at the arena they guard removed my blindfold. Glancing around I was ghast as it was very large. It looked like it was a 400 year old colosseum. It was very well built. It looked like  a mixture of Roman and Turkish architecture People were going in and out.But once settled, I guessed there might be 70thousand of them.. I was taken inside to the main area to fight. The king was watching me from his cabin. I did not want to hurt my opponent but I had no other option. He looked very strong but he couldn’t walk properly. In contrast to them, I was more agile and could easily defend myself thanks to boxing fights that I used to do when I was 17. As a soft melody was being played by the musicians, the fight had started.

We fought for 30 minutes and were exhausted. I came up with a plan… I strategically brought the fight near the gate and let him punch me hard. I acted that I was knocked out… As the judge was announcing his victory, the gates had opened!

At that very moment I got up as if I had been revived and ran past the guards. They could not keep up with me because I was much faster than them. I made my way back to the mythical cave and jumped into the water. I swam very fast! I swam as far as I could. After a while I fainted at a beach due to the unavailability of oxygen.

Fortunately, I was found by a group of Swedish fishermen. After a while I woke up in their boat. They asked me in their Swedish accent, “Where are you from?” I replied, “ I am from Norway” They took my to the nearest port which was the Bergen port in Norway.. It was just a 20-minute walk from home. Upon my arrival, my friends and family were overjoyed as I had not been home for 2 days. My friend Scott and I went to the local coffee shot to have a chat. It was a pleasant night. They crickets were talking to each other and wolves were howling. As we entered into the shop, hearing the chorus singing, we took a seat and ordered an expresso and latte. I was telling Scott, “You would not believe me! I was swallowed by a tsunami and landed into a mythical cave! I found a huge underwater city.” Saying that, I started on with the whole story. Since I was always honest, he believed me. Sott said, “Wow! That’s crazy, you are so lucky you had such an amazing adventure!” After a while we both headed home. As I was tucking myself in bed, hearing the owls hooting, played a soft song and started thinking about all the adventure… Not so long after, I had fell asleep.


---The end---


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